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Slimline Digital Advertising Displays

Create impact with a multitude of possibilities


Significant Signs don’t just design, produce, manufacture and fit tray signs and pull up banners, we also supply, fit and create content for Digital Displays. There are many advantages to these displays, for example a restaurant would often have an outside menu for casual browsers or patrons but may have to adjust their prices to keep up with rising costs, this will mean updating their printed menus, which can be timely, plus the added cost of production and fitting, only to have to change the price again in 6 months. With a digital display the price can be amended in minutes and updated without much fuss.


The displays are quite versatile too, as well as commercial grade technology ensuring great image quality and colour they have an ultra-wide viewing angle in landscape or portrait orientation, it also has the ability to have multi-screen synchronisation. Our screens have tempered glass which is increibly tough, but should there be a breakage the glass will shatter into small chunks, similar to a windscreen, rather than shards. We have a range of options including freestanding and wall mounted digital displays in digital totem, digital A-board and digital mounted posters and vertical freestanding screens.


Multi-screen synchronisation


247 Displays

Scheduling is a key aspect to the digital displays and are designed for continuous use, 24/7 and can run for over 70,000 hours (that’s 2,916 days or 7.9 years if you’re interested!). The benefits of scheduling is you can set any designs to start and finish from a certain time, useful if you want to run the screens during business hours, or have a certain advert to run during lunch hour for instance. You can have many different designs running and can be simple animations, films or just a simple static image. The accepted file formats ar JPG's, PDFs and MP4s, sound is also an option, but can prove annoying if on repeat!


Get Creative

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating something that best illustrates your message. We can design the adverts as simple stand alone slides, or more involved animations. Below are a few samples, these are designed in a 1080 x 1920 aspect ratio, They are produced using Adobe Premiere Pro, Animate and Illustrator, with a bit of Photoshop.


Produced in Adobe Animate and Illustrator

Produced using Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Animate

Produced using Adobe Animate and Illustrator


Touch Screen

Touch screen displays add another dimension to user experience with interactive screens. They can be designed to your own unique layouts, in either landscape or portrait orientation, with different zones and layers for your images, videos, text, live webpages As well as supporting a wide range of images and videos formats and scrolling text with RSS feeds, you can also upload office documents, like PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets, websites and widgets.

Engaging User Experience

From interactive presentations to intuitive navigation, users can engage with content in a way that goes beyond traditional interfaces. Whether it's swiping, tapping, or pinching, the tactile interaction just like you would on a smart phone.

Increased Accessibility

Digital touch screens are breaking down barriers. With customisable interfaces, users can adjust settings to accommodate their specific needs. This inclusivity not only enhances the user experience but also opens up new possibilities for reaching a broader audience.

Versatility in Applications

Digital touch screens are incredibly versatile, finding applications in various industries. From retail kiosks and interactive displays in museums to educational tools in classrooms, the possibilities are endless. Businesses can customize applications to suit their unique needs, providing a tailored solution for their audience.


Get in touch

If you would like more information about our displays please call or pop in to see how these displays work and see how they can suit your needs.

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