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Slimline Advertising Displays

Premium displays that combine stunning tablet-like aesthetics with a

robust protective enclosure and tempered glass face

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Protective Sleek Enclosure

These deluxe displays are the ultimate solution for displaying your content in public spaces. As well as protecting the internal components, the robust aluminium surround and tempered edge-to-edge glass also deliver captivating tablet-like aesthetics for a truly high-end feel.

24/7 Commercial Grade

Designed for continuous use in public spaces, these displays utilise commercial grade LCD panels, LED backlig ts and internal components. This means they can run 24/7 f or over 70,000 hours. To avoid tampering, they also have no external buttons or controls.

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Integrated Media Player

The built-in Android media player allows you to easily update on-screen content via USB plug and play. Alternatively, upgrade your screen to be networked without needing any additional hardware to update via the internet. Third-party software can also be installed if required.

450cd/m² IPS Panel

Commercial grade IPS technology ensures incredible image quality and colour depth with no fall-off in colour accuracy, as well as achieving ultimate lifelike colour from an ultra-wide viewing angle in landscape or portrait orientation.

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Lightweight Design

By using less and lighter materials, component weight is kept to a minimum. This compact design makes both installation and maintenance much more convenient.

Toughened Safety Glass

Although the tempered glass face is incredibly tough, in the unlikely event of a breakage the specialised safety glass will shatter into small chunks rather than shards. Not only does this prevent injury, it also protects the LCD panel from damage.

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Aluminium Surround

Thanks to their stunning surround, which is made of diamond-cut 6-series aluminium alloy and has a premium brushed finish, as well as their unique concave indent profile, these displays are truly distinguishable. Sculpting the surround from a single piece, rather than in segments, achieves a cleaner finish.

Since digital signage displays can deliver announcements, timetables, emergency information, and product descriptions in real-time, they can give businesses an edge over their competition. Here are the benefits of digital signage displays.

Increased Recall and Retention Rate

Digital advertising displays capture more views than static displays and are significantly higher than any traditional media. In terms of improving operational efficiency and retaining customers, the adoption of time-in-line update monitors has also reduced the perceived wait time in banks, hospitals, and service-heavy industries. 


Since digital signage displays eliminate the need for printing, companies that use digital signage software can reduce the cost of printing materials like brochures, menu boards, traditional billboards, and large posters. Digital signage benefits companies by cutting the costs of the logistics and storage of these marketing materials, which not only reduces spending but also saves time. By saving on printing and material costs, businesses can focus on churning out high-quality content and graphics, instead.

Boost in Revenue

A combination of powerful text, images, and videos strongly influence purchasing decisions. The benefits of digital signage are that it can create an immersive consumer experience, increasing opportunities for cross-sells, up-sells, and impulse-buys by quickly adapting and deploying engaging content when and where it matters most. 

Easily Deployable

In a few clicks, your advertisements can be optimized and displayed to suit the ever-changing needs of your target market. The design can also easily be sent and deployed to other branches in a matter of minutes. 

What Can It Do for Your Business?

Although some brands prefer print as their primary display method for large-scale outdoor advertising, digital signage displays are beginning to capture many other markets. 


There are many more benefits of digital signage being used as one of your customer touch-points. It can act as an extra salesperson or customer service representative when everyone else is busy—think of it as an interactive entertainment medium while customers are waiting to be served. Industries in the retail, finance, hospitality, and healthcare sectors can greatly benefit from using this technology to increase brand awareness, disseminate product information and interact with customers. 

24/7 Commercial Grade

Integrated Android Media Player

450cd/m2 IPS Panel

Lightweight Design

Scheduling Software

Landscape or Portrait Orientation

Integrated Speakers

3 Year Commercial Warranty

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